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Durham Catholic Designated Early Childhood Educator Local

Affiliated with Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Fall Membership Meeting October 25/17

Durham Catholic DECE Local

Fall Membership Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2017

603 Palace St, Whitby

Type of Meeting: Fall Members Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Kelly Mulville

Invitees: All Members

Call to order – meeting commenced at 4:40pm

Reading of Human Rights Statement and FNMI – read by Cristina Basile

Open Issues:

  1. Introduction of the new executive team: President: Kelly Mulville, Vice President: Cristina Basile, Treasurer: Sandra Cagan, Secretary: Jeannie Chong, Members At Large: Christine Curran & Dean Adams (absent)
  1. Violence in the classrooms:
  1. A pamphlet in regard to violence in classrooms is sent to all school contacts, to be put up on ETFO bulletin boards in school.
  1. A survey of violence by ETFO has been sent to all members. Members can email if emails were not received.
  1. ETFO event: Woman Abuse Affects Our Children: There are still some spots available.
  1. Members can go to mydcdsb, click SafeSchool, click Safe Schools Incident Reporting to report violent incidents in school.
  1. PL Funding update: Our contact at DCDSB is Mike Lamb. PL Funding is available at approximately $640 each member, negotiated from the extension of our current contract. Kelly met with Mike to go over members’ survey. A few options are being looked at a) Outsource the PD Workshop b) Shadow in other kindergarten classes c) Resources such as books d) AQ courses for kindergarten e) Technology

Emails will be sent out to members before end of Nov when everything is finalized.

  1. New social events:
  1. A family movie was booked for Dec 2 but was cancelled due to Santa Parade on the same day. It will be rescheduled to Spring (March 23/24 TBD). Title of movie is Gnomeo and Juliet 2.
  1. Words on Wood – 2 painting workshops will be booked for Dec and another in Spring, emails to follow.
  1. Health and Safety: If members work in schools at own time (i.e. set up in summer, before or after paid hours) they are not covered. The exception is during parents’ events and conference nights where members are required to attend.
  1. Local news update:
  1. Team meeting: Board is aware of the situation and think that it is important for DECEs to be present at team meeting. Board is working with Head of Principals and PSTs to come up with ideas/strategies to include DECEs in meeting. Members are encouraged to continue to advocate and voice concerns to admin.
  1. Workshop with Maria and CECE: Maria is waiting for confirmation from CECE to hold 2 workshops with CECE for DECE’s CPL requirements. Workshops are projected to be after 6pm at the end of November.
  1. Name on attendance: Member from the board office will contact Power School to work on adding DECEs’ names to the classroom attendance lists.
  1. New Book for Lending Library: New book THINQ is added to our library. Members can borrow resources from our library. List of books is available on our website or Facebook page. Books are sent/returned via interoffice mail.
  1. Facebook Sharing: Members can join our local Facebook page and share ideas of classroom activities.

Question Period

  1. Missed lunches during field trips: Members will work with admin to adjust missed lunches due to field trips. Kelly to follow up on specific cases.
  1. Divisional Meeting at lunch time: DECEs will not be able to attend if Primary Divisional meetings are held during lunch time. Most divisional meetings are still after school as of now.
  1. Planning time with childcare providers in classrooms: DECEs/teachers are to speak to their school principals when problems arise with childcare providers transitioning into classrooms.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40pm