Durham Catholic Designated Early Childhood Educator Local

Affiliated with Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions 
Membership Meetings
What is a Membership Meeting?
A membership meeting is where information is given out to members i.e. Collective Bargaining, Provincial, other information that relates and is relevant to the local. The information given out at each membership meeting varies.
Who can participate in a membership meeting?
An active member of the Durham Catholic DECE Local in good standing with ETFO. 
Are Membership Meetings Mandatory?
No. Attendance at membership meetings is voluntary. However, voting does take place at some meetings and you can only vote if you are in attendance.
Are Members required to give notice if they are going to attend a meeting?
YES, Members can attend any or all of the membership meetings. We ask that you RSVP to accommodate for food.
Types of Membership Meetings
This meeting is for new members to the Local. It is held each fall. An overview of the local, provincial documents, information and expectations is discussed. There is opportunity for questions and answers.
General Membership Meeting (GMM)
This meeting is held in late fall. Other General Membership Meetings will be called throughout the year as necessary.
Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM)
This meeting is held in May of each year. This is where you will receive the yearly summary of what happened and is going to happen in the local. This will include motions for constitutional changes, Treasurer and Committee Reports and provincial updates. On alternate year you will vote in you Executive for the next term.